SEO Checklist for New Websites

SEO Checklist for New Websites

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Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization

SEO Checklist for New Websites, by Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz

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Starting a new website is all about the details. Don’t forget something that will later hinder your search engine rankings. The SEO Checklist for New Websites will help keep you organized and save you a lot of grief.

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SEO Tutorial for beginners | 2016

SEO Tutorial for beginners | 2016

Learn how to optimize your website for the search engines. I give you the best of my knowlegde and show you how to optimize your website!

This tutorial contains:
00:26 What Is SEO?
01:15 The importance of your domainname
01:58 The Title of your Page or Post
05:43 The importance of a good image title
07:23 The use of title tags h1 h2 h3 etc.

Life example of SEO in a new post
08:30 Short Keyword Research / Suggestions
09:42 Create a new WordPress blogpost
11:22 Ways to optimize your blogpost
12:41 Add images to your blogpost and optimze the images.
15:12 Add h1 tags
15:30 Add internal links

Yoast SEO
20:14 Install Yoast
20:45 Optimize blogpost for Google
21:31 Change Title Template
23:08 Meta discription
24:40 Choose Focus Keyword
26:26 Adjust blogpost to Focus Keyword

27:50 Facebook metadata
38:33 Follow or no Follow

28:48 Finals Words About SEO
29:15 SEOcial

Is Search Engine Optmization (SEO) Dead In 2017?

Is Search Engine Optmization (SEO) Dead In 2017?


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For the longest time I’ve heard the old days of tricking search engines into providing you with excellent click through traffic through devious means such as keyword stuffing, spam linking and hidden texts we’re a thing of the past. It’s nearly 2017, we don’t need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts anymore right?

16 Search Engine Optimization Tips That Are Future Proof

16 Search Engine Optimization Tips That Are Future Proof

16 search engine optimization tips that are future proof –

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In this video, you will learn 16 SEO tips and strategies that will help you get the most traffic. Unless you have a very large advertising budget, you need to be focusing on creating content and ranking it to get as much business as possible for your website. I’ll mention search engine optimization strategies like doing mass social media promotions, putting keywords at the first of titles, doing proper external linking and much more. I’ll also give your resources to check out to help you. Enjoy the video!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Mobirise

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Mobirise

Learn how to optimize your site for search engines using Mobirise. There are some predefined fields in Mobirise for you to input meta information but the power of Mobirise lies in the fact that you can add that information after you have published the website.

Here are the links to the websites I mentioned in this video:

XML Sitemap Generator:

Open Graph Protocol:

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Directory Submission in Search Engine optimization (SEO) in Hindi – Part 16

Directory Submission in Search Engine optimization (SEO) in Hindi – Part 16

Directory Submission is the main source to increase backlinks for your website, watch this video and know how to do it.

What is Web Directory?

* Web directory is a kind of a website which has some categories, sub-categories and in some cases sub-sub-categories are there.

* It provides a service to it’s users to submit their website or blog URL to the best suitable category according to their website’s business.

* Web Directories are used for Build Quality Backlinks.

Type of listing
* Featured Listing (Paid)
* Reciprocal Listing (Exchange)
* Regular Listing (Free)

SEO Tutorial & Guide for 2017 – Search Engine Optimization Todos

SEO Tutorial & Guide for 2017 – Search Engine Optimization Todos

Master SEO for your business in this up-to-date tutorial on Search Engine Optimization basics. (For free materials, including the SEO TOOLBOOK go to Search Engine Optimization is explained in this easy tutorial or SEO guide, starting with how to define the best keywords, going thru page tags, and even discussing how to never stop learning. Learn the 2017 tips, tricks, and tools in this easy tutorial or guide.

Que es SEO y Como Funciona – Posicionamiento Google

Que es SEO y Como Funciona  – Posicionamiento Google

Que es SEO y Como Funciona – Posicionamiento Google

Actualmente mas del 80% de los consumidores hacen una búsqueda en Google antes de tomar una decisión de compra de un producto o servicio.

Los usuarios escriben diferentes términos o palabras clave buscando resolver así sus necesidades o inquietudes. Google ofrece un listado de páginas web relevantes antes esa busqueda.

Por eso si tu sitio web no aparece en Los primeros resultados de busqueda o en la primera hoja hace que Sea difícil llegar a tus consumidores.

Los sitios web listados en la página uno en Google obtienen el 95% de los clicks totales. Difícilmente alguien llega a la hoja dos o posteriores.

Si alguna vez te has preguntado porque tu competencia está mejor posicionada que tu. Se debe a su estrategia de posicionamiento la cual es conocida como seo.

SEO significa search engine optimization y en español se puede traducir como optimización de posicionamiento en motores de búsqueda.

Este te ayuda a posicionar una página mejor que la competencia dentro de los resultados de búsqueda

Los motores de búsqueda como Google anexan la información más importante de las páginas web para ayudar a las personas a encontrar exactamente lo que están buscando

Tener una página bien posicionada hace que más personas te encuentren. Para lograr un mejor posicionamiento tu página web debe tener todos los ingredientes esenciales que los motores de búsqueda requieren.

Es aquí donde el seo puede ayudarte. El seo te ayuda a mejorar la arquitectura de tu página web. Utilizar adecuadamente las etiquetas HTML. Colocar adecuadamente el contenido en texto Y el contenido visual Y finalmente aquellos links de entrada y de salida.

Cuando alguien está buscando el tipo de servicio o producto que tú ofreces los motores de búsqueda como Google determinan los resultados relevantes ante esa búsqueda para el usuario.

Para poder obtener la preferencia y visitas de los usuario ante esa búsqueda necesitas estar en la primera hoja de resultados. Los motores de busqueda mas populares son Google, Bing y Yahoo. Aunque la más popular en Hispanoamerica se llama Google con una preferencia mayor al 95%.

Ahora ya sabes que es SEO.

The SEO ranking factor you MUST master in 2016 (and beyond)

The SEO ranking factor you MUST master in 2016 (and beyond)

If you want to rank in Google today, there’s a new SEO ranking factor to pay attention to.

And if you optimize for this factor you can find yourself with higher rankings.

And if you ignore it?

Well let’s just say you’re missing out on A TON of high-quality traffic.

So check out the video to learn more about this increasingly-important SEO ranking factor.

Here’s some other cool stuff you’ll learn in today’s video:

– The simple process you can use to get higher Google rankings…without backlinks (yes, really)

– How the “APP Formula” makes users (and Google) love your content

– The simple trick I use to increase the perceived value of my content by at least 2x.

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